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U.S.-Japan Agreements: Examining the Texts

The details of the Trump administration’s trade agreements with Japan have unfolded in stages. First was the announcement at the G7 meeting in August that the United States and Japan had reach an agreement. Then came further details in a joint statement

US-Japan Deal: No Auto Tariff Exemption

Last week, the White House announced that the United States had reached two agreements with Japan. This week, on the margins of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), President Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Abe issued a joint statement that they had

US-Japan Reach Initial Trade Agreements

This post explores the White House’s September 16th announcement that the United States had reached two agreements with Japan: “an initial trade agreement regarding tariff barriers” and another on digital trade. The administration also plans “further

232 Tariffs: Limited Actions

In mid-May, President Trump determined that imports of autos and auto parts threaten the national security but deferred action for six months. He also lifted tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum from Canada and Mexico. This post looks at the two

Whither Trump’s Trade Policy?

Just when President Trump seemed on the brink of concluding a comprehensive trade agreement with China, the talks fell apart on May 10, and he responded with more tariffs. In light of the set-back, this post considers how Trump’s approach to trade

Titanium 232 Petition: Agreement with Japan?

In March, the Department of Commerce launched an investigation into whether the quantity or circumstances of titanium sponge imports into the United States threaten to impair the national security. It was prompted by a petition, filed by Titanium Metals

National Security Tariffs: Cars Next?

Before President Trump assumed office, domestic authority for imposing tariffs on imports that threaten the national security had been used sparingly, and not for 15 years. His administration has already relied on Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of