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U.S. Proposes Removal of Essential Medicines from GPA: REVISED

On November 27, the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) complied with President Trump’s directive to take steps to withdraw essential medicines, medical countermeasures and their critical inputs (“Essential Medicines”), identified by the Food and Drug

Agencies Implement Trump’s Buy American Orders

In recent weeks, federal agencies have taken measures to implement the president’s directives to maximize the use of American-made products in both federal procurement and non-federal projects undertaken with federal grants. On September 14, the Federal

Trump’s Buy American Order for Medicines

On August 6th, President Trump issued his long-promised Buy American executive order (EO) on medicines. The Executive Order on Ensuring Essential Medicines, Medical Countermeasures, and Critical Inputs Are Made in the United States seeks to

Procurement Developments in 2019

A paper, Converging Procurement Systems: Developments in 2019, was presented at the annual Thomas Reuters’ Government Contracts Year in Review Conference in February 2020. It examined key developments in the international procurement

President’s Buy American Order: Raise Domestic Content

On July 15, President Trump issued his third Buy American executive order (EO), aimed at maximizing purchases by federal agencies of American-made goods, products and materials. The president wants to reduce the amount of foreign content that can be

Buy American Waivers: Tracking & Tightening?

On January 9, a bipartisan group of senators introduced legislation that would allow the public to track waivers of Buy American requirements and encourage federal agencies to minimize their use. The proposal is prompted by the concern that federal agencies

Buy American Report Due Soon

In response to an April presidential directive, the Secretary of Commerce is to present the President with a Buy American report by November 24. That report is to include “specific recommendations to strengthen implementation of Buy American Laws”. In