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China: Revising Government Procurement Law

On December 8th, China’s Ministry of Finance invited public comments (by January 5, 2021) on its proposed revision of the Government Procurement Law (GPL), one of its primary procurement laws. The proposal seeks, inter alia, to promote the integration of

China: Revising Tendering and Bidding Law

China has proposed major revisions of its Tendering and Bidding Law (TBL), one of its main procurement laws and the de facto law that applies to procurement by state-owned enterprises (SOEs). The TBL imposes uniform

China’s 2018 WTO Trade Policy Review: Procurement Highlights

The WTO conducted its 7th review of China’s trade policies in July. The biannual Trade Policy Review (TPR) provided WTO members with an opportunity to take a close look at China’s trade and economic policies and developments since its last review

China’s Trade Policy Review: Government Procurement

In July, the WTO conducted its 6th review of China’s trade policies and practices. This post examines elements of the Trade Policy Review (TPR) that relate to China’s negotiations to join the WTO Government Procurement Agreement (GPA). It examines the