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WTO Procurement Committee Resumes Business 

Following a hiatus of nearly two years, the WTO Government Procurement Committee has – at last – selected a new chair, enabling it to resume its work. On May 17, it selected Martin Zbinden from Switzerland as Its new leader. This post looks

China Proposes New Revision of Procurement Law

China has proposed a new revision of its Government Procurement Law (GPL), the law that applies to the conduct of procurement at all levels of the Chinese government. The proposal appears to extend, for the first time, to the procurement of state-owned

Government Procurement and Other Industrial Policies

The World Economic Forum published a white paper that examines government interventions in economies. These occur through subsidies, state ownership and control, government procurement policies that favor domestic players, the use of trade remedies, and

14th Year: Whither China’s GPA Accession?

China’s negotiations to join the WTO Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) have entered their 14th year, with little indication they will conclude anytime soon. While China has made significant progress in its GPA negotiations, the United States and

China: Revising Government Procurement Law

On December 8th, China’s Ministry of Finance invited public comments (by January 5, 2021) on its proposed revision of the Government Procurement Law (GPL), one of its primary procurement laws. The proposal seeks, inter alia, to promote the integration of

China: Revising Tendering and Bidding Law

China has proposed major revisions of its Tendering and Bidding Law (TBL), one of its main procurement laws and the de facto law that applies to procurement by state-owned enterprises (SOEs). The TBL imposes uniform

Procurement Developments in 2019

A paper, Converging Procurement Systems: Developments in 2019, was presented at the annual Thomas Reuters’ Government Contracts Year in Review Conference in February 2020. It examined key developments in the international procurement

The WTO Government Procurement Agreement: A Djaghe Reference Paper

A Djaghe reference paper, The Government Procurement Agreement under the World Trade Organization, examines the treatment of government procurement under the WTO. It begins with a brief consideration of the exclusion of procurement from multilateral

2019 Government Procurement: Prospects

This post considers the prospects for developments relating to government procurement in the international arena in 2019. They include the Trump administration’s aims to obtain approval of the replacement of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

Russia’s WTO Commitment to Join GPA: Advancing?

In January, the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) delivered to Congress its annual report on the Russian Federation’s compliance with WTO rules. In the report, USTR assessed Russia’s implementation of the commitments it made when it joined the WTO in 2012.