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Challenges in Implementing Domestic Preferences

This post explores the challenges in implementing the broad domestic preference mandate in the Build America, Buy America (BABA) Act. This mandate has created challenges for entities undertaking infrastructure projects with federal funds, notably the

Buy American Legislation: Fall 2020

When Congress returns from its August recess, it will be met with a variety of legislative proposals to extend Buy American requirements. One would add aluminum to the domestic purchasing requirements for the Departments of Defense and Transportation. Other

U.S. Laws Limit Procurement Commitments: A Djaghe Reference Paper

A Djaghe reference paper, U.S. Laws Limit Procurement Commitments, examines the relationship between U.S. laws that restrict the purchase of foreign goods and services and U.S. commitments under international trade agreements. The paper generally

Federal Domestic Content Restrictions on State & Local Projects


  An earlier posting outlined U.S. treatment of domestic content requirements that apply to states and other sub-federal entities as a condition of federal loans or grants. This posting will examine the evolution of those requirements. Domestic content