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Domestic Content Requirements: Contrasting Treatment

The Biden administration has demonstrated that it can be flexible in carrying out its ‘Made in America’ agenda when necessary to accomplish other goals. This flexibility can be seen in its contrasting approaches to implementing domestic content

White House Proposes Revised “Buy American” Rules

The Biden administration has proposed changes in the rules that implement the Buy American Act of 1933, in response to the president’s January 2021 Made in America order. The changes include increases in the domestic content threshold required for a

Biden’s Buy American Plan

Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, on July 9 put forward a Buy American plan that includes elements that coincide with President Trump’s aims of tightening domestic content requirements and waivers. The Biden plan also includes

President’s Buy American Order: Raise Domestic Content

On July 15, President Trump issued his third Buy American executive order (EO), aimed at maximizing purchases by federal agencies of American-made goods, products and materials. The president wants to reduce the amount of foreign content that can be