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WTO Procurement Pact: North Macedonia Joins, Brazil Pulls Offer

In its first meeting since July 2021, the WTO procurement committee approved North Macedonia’s membership in the plurilateral Government Procurement Agreement (GPA). At the same time, it acknowledged Brazil’s withdrawal of its market access offer. This

A New Book on International Procurement

Newly published by Dalston Press  The International Procurement System: Liberalization & Protectionism  by Jean Heilman Grier International Procurement. The agreements that support it.   The institutions that sustain it.  Its

Can the GPA Remain Relevant with Limited Membership?

This post presents a paper that examines whether the WTO Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) is destined to remain an agreement comprised primarily of developed countries, and if so, whether it can remain relevant.  The GPA’s membership has

China and CPTPP: Government Procurement

China formally applied for membership in the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) in September 2021. In order for it to accede to that 11-member agreement, it will need to meet the CPTPP’s high government procurement standards.

2021 Milestones for WTO Procurement Pacts

The year 2021 marks two important milestones for government procurement agreements in the international arena. One is the 40th anniversary of the implementation – in 1981 – of the first international procurement agreement: the GATT Code on

Brazil’s New Public Procurement Law

The George Washington Law School presented a very informative webinar on Brazil’s public procurement market on October 7. Brazilian procurement experts discussed Brazil’s new public procurement law as well as its negotiations to join the

US-China Business Council on Procurement in China

The US-China Business Council (USCBC) has issued a report that details the growing challenges faced by U.S. companies in participating in procurement by Chinese government entities and state-owned enterprises (SOEs). The primary challenges include

Saudi Arabia Backs Away from GPA Commitment

As discussed in a recent post, the United States, the European Union and other parties to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) questioned Saudi Arabia in its WTO Trade Policy Review (TPR) regarding its plans to fulfill its WTO commitment to

Saudi Arabia: Unfulfilled Promise to Join WTO Procurement Pact

In the WTO’s third review of Saudi Arabia’s trade policies and practices, a number of members requested information on its plans to join the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA), as it promised to do when it became a WTO member 15 years ago. This post

UK-EU Trade Agreement: Procurement

On January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom both implemented a free trade agreement (FTA) with the European Union that defines their post-Brexit trade relationship and became an independent party to the WTO Government Procurement Agreement (GPA). The FTA is part