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Final Infrastructure Guidance: No Trade Agreement Provisions

The White House’s final guidance on implementing the Build America, Buy America Act (BABA Act), issued on August 14, added no provisions to its proposed guidance for the application of the Act’s ‘Buy America’ preference to

Domestic Content Requirements: Contrasting Treatment

The Biden administration has demonstrated that it can be flexible in carrying out its ‘Made in America’ agenda when necessary to accomplish other goals. This flexibility can be seen in its contrasting approaches to implementing domestic content

Buy America Stripped from Water Infrastructure Bill

The Senate and the House of Representatives passed different versions of the Water Resources Development Act of 2016 (WRDA). The Senate version included a Buy America provision that applied to water infrastructure projects, but the House bill did not. In

PPPs #5: Treasury Papers on PPP Use in U.S.


In the United States, the use of public-private partnerships (PPPs) has been limited. Most infrastructure projects have been undertaken by state and local governments, which have exclusively owned and operated them. However, the Obama Administration has taken