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North Macedonia Implements WTO Procurement Agreement

North Macedonia became the 49th WTO member to implement the plurilateral WTO Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) on October 30th, four years after the last accession (Australia in 2019). The accession fulfills a commitment made by North

WTO Procurement Pact: North Macedonia Joins, Brazil Pulls Offer

In its first meeting since July 2021, the WTO procurement committee approved North Macedonia’s membership in the plurilateral Government Procurement Agreement (GPA). At the same time, it acknowledged Brazil’s withdrawal of its market access offer. This

WTO Procurement Committee Resumes Business 

Following a hiatus of nearly two years, the WTO Government Procurement Committee has – at last – selected a new chair, enabling it to resume its work. On May 17, it selected Martin Zbinden from Switzerland as Its new leader. This post looks