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EU Gains New Trade Tool: Anti-Coercion Instrument

The European Union (EU) is adding a new tool to its defensive trade measures that will allow it to retaliate against countries trying to coerce it or its member states to take certain action.  In June, its co-legislative institutions – the

EU Foreign Subsidies Regulation & Procurement Obligations

The European Union (EU) is implementing a Foreign Subsidies Regulation (FSR) that is aimed at addressing distortions caused by foreign subsidies in EU public procurement. The EU contends that foreign subsidies could provide foreign firms with an unfair

GWU Webinar: EU’s Foreign Subsidies Regulation

The George Washington University presented a webinar on “A new barrier to transatlantic procurement: the European Union’s Foreign Subsidies Regulation on April 18. The Foreign Subsidies Regulation (FSR) entered into force on January 12, 2023, with the

EU Net-Zero Industry Act: Procurement

The European Union is seeking to scale up the manufacturing of clean technologies with a Net-Zero Industry Act. To accelerate access to markets for net-zero technologies, the proposed legislation deploys the EU’s sizeable public procurement (around EUR

EU Agreement on Foreign Subsidies Regulation

The European Union (EU) has reached an agreement on a regulation that would enable it to reject bids from suppliers that receive foreign subsidies that distort the EU internal market. The Regulation gives the European Commission the power to investigate

EU Adopts Procurement Reciprocity Regulation

After a decade-long effort, the European Union (EU) in June adopted a new trade tool aimed at achieving reciprocity by opening third-country public procurement markets and improving market access opportunities for EU suppliers, goods, and services. The new

EU Advances Measure to Force Open Foreign Procurement

The European Union is once again moving forward with a long-stalled proposed procurement regulation. It would allow the EU to close procurement or impose penalties when countries do not open their government procurement to EU companies. At the end of May,

Procurement Developments in 2020

A paper, Converging Procurement Systems: Developments in 2020, presented at the annual Thomas Reuters Government Contracts Year in Review Conference in February, examined key developments in the international procurement arena in 2020. They

Biden’s Made in America Order

On January 25, President Biden issued his first Made in America order, aimed at maximizing the use of goods, products and materials produced in, and services offered in, the United States in federal financial assistance awards and federal procurement. It

Mini-Trade Deals with EU and Brazil

President Trump’s preference for bilateral trade agreements, expressed when he pulled the United States out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in 2017, has borne modest results: one comprehensive agreement and several limited trade deals. He recently